$_OpenPay London, Ontario

Recent Updates
1. Resubmissions are now allowed if your last submission is older than a year.
2. Optional verification form if you want to verify without an employer email.
3. Basic graphing, updated nightly.


OpenPay London, Ontario is a salary sharing and market information tool for London, Ontario's tech industry.

You can report any bugs and issues via Github.

Why Share?

By sharing your pay, you help make the market fairer and more competitive.

Pay secrecy is very common in Canada and the United States. Many of us are hesitant to discuss salary, and are often discouraged from doing so. This creates a situation in which one party has far more information than the other. Employees with similar experience, skills, and output often earn wildly different wages based on when they were hired and how well they negotiated.

Here is a great video explaining this information gap.

There are various benefits to having publicly available pay information:

Who Runs This?

I'm just a local developer that thought this would be a fun and useful project.